Quit Smoking Cold Turkey: 25 Ways to Resist Nicotine/Cigarette Cravings

If you’ve been smoking cigarettes for some time now, and you really want to stop, start by trying to quit smoking cold turkey. This is the best and healthiest way to stop smoking, as it quickly disconnects you from the habit and helps you get better quickly.

In case you don’t know what it means to quit cold turkey, here’s it: To stop smoking and completely at once.

However, to quit smoking cold turkey is not easy. And this is because your brain (and body system) fights back for the sudden deprivation of nicotine. (Of course, it will — because you’ve made nicotine your “daily bread” for a long time.)

However, the average nicotine craving, which presses you hard to take a puff, only lasts for some minutes. And this is why you can easily overcome this strong urge whenever it comes.

Here are 25 things you can do to resist the urge to smoke whenever it starts to press hard on you:

  1. Call a relative friend on phone and chat for minutes
  2. Go out for a walk
  3. Stand in front of the mirror and talk or smile to yourself
  4. Chew gum or take a candy
  5. Do some exercise (maybe pushups)
  6. Watch a movie
  7. Take deep breaths (10-20)
  8. Walk out to your verandah and gaze at the wonders of nature
  9. Read a magazine or newspaper
  10. Drink cold water
  11. Take some snacks
  12. Floss and brush your teeth
  13. Catch fun by playing with a kid
  14. Do some house chores
  15. Visit an online support forum
  16. Catch fun on social media or in a chat room
  17. Play a board game
  18. Sing loudly
  19. Get a digital camera and take pictures
  20. Hang out at a mall
  21. Visit the swimming pool
  22. Get a pen and paper and write anything you feel like writing
  23. Turn on your favorite music and dance like crazy
  24. Drink some juice
  25. Take a nap

Are you still finding it hard to overcome the urge, even with these tips? Then you’ll need the assistance of some quit smoking products.

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