Proven Tips for a Better, Healthier Skin

We haven’t found anyone who doesn’t want to know the trick to perfect skin. And if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s coming. It’s that pivotal moment when you look in the mirror and discover the first signs of aging: wrinkling, creasing, dryness and drooping.

Skin care is healthy. Whatever is happening on your face is an indication of what’s happening on the inside. Stress, diet, and lifestyle play large factors in the condition of your skin, but using the right products correctly will help create a healthier skin. Some people may use bar soap and hot water and that’s it. But, keep in mind there are always better choices for your skin.


diet for healthy skinTry to consume more fruit and vegetables.  They contain a lot of vitamins and, which is more important – water. Because the secret of a good skin is maintaining hydration.

Also, try to eat more green, leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach drumstick leaves etc. They are full of antioxidants that cleanse your skin from the inside.

Drink a lot of water because it flushes your system and clears your skin and try to eat more protein rich foods like chicken.

Cleanse and exfoliate

Don’t use anything that makes your skin feel tight after rinsing. Use warm water that is not too hot. Sudden temperature changes in the skin can permanently dilate capillaries. With your fingertips, rub cleanser on your skin in an upward circular motion. Rinse the cleanser with warm water and/or facial sponges. Use an alcohol free, hydrating toner. Its purpose is to close the pores to prevent any infection or absorption of bacteria. You can either spray or wipe a toner.

Also, don’t forget to exfoliate your face (or body skin) at least once in a week. Choose a gentle scrub (often creamy with rounded sloughing beads instead of jagged particles like nut shells etc) that does not leave your face feeling tight. On days when you exfoliate, you should do this after cleansing and follow with toning and moisturizing.

Get enough sleep

If you don’t usually get enough sleep, sooner or later you will see your tiredness reflecting on your face skin and eyes. Sleeping 8 to 10 hours a day will provide you a healthy look and will prevent you from spots and shades under the eye area.

Kick the habit!

Avoid smoking! Smoking chronically deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients. It damages the appearance of your face and takes a toll on your figure. If you smoke cigarettes, compared to non-smokers you have twice the risk of developing a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.

There is also an increased risk of oral leucoplakia (precancer) and oral cancer; 75% of cases of oral cancer occur in smokers. So in short, save yourself a lot of skin and health problems and try to quit it or at least reduce smoking.

A balanced life leads to your best skin

Start your day with a mango, blueberry or a spinach smoothie, buy organic fruit and vegetables from the local farmers market. Activities like yoga and meditation help keep stress in check, which in turn reduces the release of stress hormones that worsen conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea.

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