How to Improve Autism in Kids Using HBOT Therapy

Autism Spectrum Disorder abbreviated as ASD and popularly known as autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that develops in children in their early age. Despite the path-breaking advances made in medical science, till date no effective drug has been found that can cure autism.

However, HBOT therapy in treating autism is widely gaining grounds because it has drastically reduced various vital symptoms noticed in an autistic kid. The HBOT therapy administered in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is a mode of alternative treatment in which the autistic kid is made to inhale pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber, which is known as the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

The main reason behind the usage of HBOT administered in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in people with autism is that it drastically reduces swelling of the brain tissues. The HBOT treatment is seen as that mode of alternative therapy which would allow the brain to execute its function seamlessly.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

What is HBOT therapy?

Since 2004, HBOT therapy administered in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is seen as a holistic model of treatment for autistic kids. From clinical trials, it has been observed that HBOT treatment drastically increases the level of oxygen in the human body.

On the other hand, it is also a widely accepted fact that ASD in kids increases as there is an inadequate supply of blood to the brain cells. But with the advent of the HBOT therapy administered in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, it has been made sure that there is proper flow of oxygen to the brain cells.

With sufficient oxygenation the affected brain tissues heal and provide relief from pain. By administering the HBOT therapy to the autistic individuals, it has been observed that there is a phenomenal improvement in their overall symptoms. This comprises of greater maintenance of eye contact and increased social interaction.

A brief overview of the HBOT chamber

It is important to note that the HBOT chamber comprises of two types. One is the monoplace chamber and the other is the multiplace chamber. The monoplace chambers are designed in such a manner that they can only treat one individual at a time. On the other hand, the multiplace chambers have the ability to hold several individuals at one time. In the case of monoplace chambers, pressurized and pure oxygen is delivered to the patient. On the other hand, in multiplace chambers the oxygen is usually provided through a hood or mask, and it is not 100% pure.

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber provide relief to the children having autism?

A majority of brain-related disorders are related to the inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain cells. However, when an autistic kid is exposed to pure oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the body stimulates the flow of oxygenated blood. It is so because the patient is exposed to a higher level of 100% pure oxygen.

Nowadays, it is a widely accepted fact that a lot of children have responded well and shown drastic improvements on their overall symptoms after undergoing a number of sessions of HBOT therapy. Medical professionals usually recommend 40 hours of HBOT therapy in a month.

On the other hand, clinical research also depicts that the autistic kids display phenomenal progress when they are administered HBOT therapy. However, alongside HBOT therapy, it is also vital for an autistic individual to maintain a healthy diet and the intake of natural supplements. It is so because these aspects usually complement the treatment procedure of HBOT.

The benefits of the HBOT chamber in relieving autism

It is interesting to note that HBOT therapy administered in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber can benefit any patient who is currently undergoing healing generated by inflammation inside the body. However, with the use of adequate medical research, it has been depicted that this healing process can be improved to a great extent. By delivering pure oxygen at higher rates, the damaged tissues can be repaired.

In this context, it is worthwhile to mention that oxygen controls more than 9,000 genes and hence is regarded as one of the most natural forms of antibiotics. As per recent researches, it has been depicted that twenty sessions of HBOT inside the hyperbaric chamber can improve the functionality of stem cells to a great extent.

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is also associated with improving the following conditions:

  • It increases the natural immune defense of the body to fight against bacteria and infection
  • It drastically reduces swelling which occurs around the ruptured areas of the body
  • It phenomenally speeds up the healing process inside the human body
  • It stimulates the development of blood vessel growth and also increases the flow of the blood

Autistic kids are known to have been benefited from the HBOT therapy. A study which was conducted in 2009 found that autistic kids who received HBOT treatment for more than 40 sessions, where each session comprised of 1 hour, depicted great improvements. Moreover, those kids who received the hyperbaric therapy at 1.3 ATM portrayed a holistic development in the cognitive abilities and sensory awareness. They were also able to maintain proper eye contact and interacted freely in a social setting.

How should the patients prepare for the HBOT treatment?

It is important to mention that only clean cotton clothing is permitted inside a hyperbaric chamber. On the flipside, the technician needs to know about the consumption of drugs by the patient. Moreover, the patients are not advised to take carbonated drinks and alcohol inside the chamber. It is also a widely accepted fact that this form of alternative treatment is 100% safe.

The other types of disorders treated by HBOT

It is important to note that HBOT therapy assists significantly in the formation of new nerve cells. This kind of treatment was found to be beneficial where the person has met with an accident, and there is no way to administer the traditional form of medicine.

By increasing the flow of oxygen to the damaged cells, it can be ensured that they are healed to a certain extent. Apart from treating autism, one should also take into account that this treatment can be used to treat other types of cognitive disabilities and serious injuries.

The HBOT therapy is usually painless and is highly comfortable. A hyperbaric oxygen treatment procedure lasts till 2 hours. The HBOT chamber typically comprises a large number of rooms, and hence your kid would never feel claustrophobic.


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