How to Stop Smoking Weed Naturally

Learning how to stop smoking weed naturally is a commendable step especially when you are already addicted to this filthy habit.

Marijuana, Pot, Weed, or whatever fancy name you choose to call it, is one of the most greatly abused substances in the world today. A lot of people smoke pot because of the euphoric feeling it gives. It gives a great feeling of intoxication for a short while and maybe even helps users to forget about some of their challenges and feel better.

But that’s only for a short while.

When the effect wears off; everything returns to normal but not the user’s health, physical and mental state. It leads to severe addiction, making it difficult for you to stop and then leading to other social and health problems.

There are countless stories about young guys with bright futures who ended up badly because they got addicted to weed.

It doesn’t matter how deep you are into it, you can still quit. I know some people who were addicts for more than 10 years and have stopped using and kept off it for more than 8 years now.

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Some Reasons to Stop Smoking Weed Now

stop smoking weed

Stop Smoking Weed Because It Drains You Financially

If you sum up the total cost of smoking pot daily and look at what it amounts to in a year, you’ll discover that you are spending quite a fortune on something that is of no tangible benefit to you.

Stop Smoking Weed Because it Affects you Psychologically

Smoking weed prevents you from living and acting like a normal person. You would experience episodes of severe mood-swings and emotional fluctuations. Sometimes, you become dangerous to yourself and others around you when you abuse Marijuana.

Quit Smoking Weed, It Affects Your Social Drive

When you are addicted to Marijuana, it’s difficult for to have a normal life. You’ll be surrounded mostly by addicts like you as they are the only ones who may be able to tolerate you.

Other people may start to avoid or even fear you. You may also not be able to keep a normal relationship with a man or woman because relationships require emotions and since Marijuana toys with your mind and emotions, you may not be able to have something solid.

Smoking Weed has Some Physical Effects

Marijuana makes you very clumsy. You gradually begin to lose your balance and physical co-ordination. This is why addicts act like mentally challenged people sometimes. You may also endanger your life and those of others by trying to drive because your co-ordination would have been impacted.

Stop Smoking Weed to Avoid Certain Health Problems

Smoking weed is very hazardous when it comes to health issues. Some health problems related to the use and abuse of Marijuana include psychosis, audio and visual hallucinations; sleep deprivation, increased heart rate, red eyes, dry mouth, overeating, infertility, lung related problems and several others.

How to Stop Smoking Weed For Real

I would be lying if I told you that quitting Marijuana would be easy. It’s not, it’s going to take a lot of determination on your part but what you have to know is that many people have quit in the past and you can quit too.

1. Desire you want to stop smoking weed

Quitting has to come from within you. It is a desire you have to build yourself and not something someone else is forcing you to do. If you truly build a desire to quit, then you would find it easier to resist those strong urges that would come during the first phases of withdrawal. To build your desire to quit, make a list of all the reasons why weed is good for you; your personal reasons for smoking weed as well as the benefits you derive from it.

Then on the other side of the page, make a list of the negative effects it has had on you so far. Ponder on this list daily and you’re certain to draw some strength to quit from it.

2. Change Your Circle of Friends

In order to stop smoking weed permanently, you would need new friends. It’s not healthy for you to hang around your pot-smoking pals for now. Instead, make new friends. This could be people who have also battled weed addiction in the past or non-smokers. Most importantly, they should be people who are willing to give you the necessary support you need to quit smoking.

3. Have an Action Plan

Another way to stop smoking weed naturally is to have an action plan. You would discover that it helps to enter into this journey seriously, with clearly defined goals. Write down what you want to achieve and how you would go about it.

4. Reward Yourself

When you reach milestone in your weed quitting plan, you shouldn’t hesitate to reward yourself appropriately. For instance, you could start dropping all the money you would rather have spent on pot daily, into a piggy bank and then after one pot-free week, use it to treat yourself to something really cool- something you really enjoy.

5. Try Again

It’s really not an easy process and while some people have smooth starts, others would have to start several times because they find themselves going back to it after sometime. When this happens, don’t dwell too much on it but find a way to retrace your steps. Remember that wise saying; if you fail, try, try again.

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