Proven Tips For Healthy Eyesight

The eye, one of the most vital organs in our body, is often the most neglected. Until and unless a major eye sight issue occurs, we hardly take care of it, whereas it is often advised that we should go for eye check up every six months whether we have any eye ailments or not. But we hardly do this.

how to get a healthy eyesight

Research shows that about 60 % of our eye ailments can be cured if taken precautionary measures at the correct time using Ophthalmology Practice Management. It is true that considering our hectic lifestyle where we hardly get the time to have 8 hours of proper sleep, taking care of the eye gets difficult. But then it is not an impossible task. A little bit of effort on our daily life and we can take more than adequate measures to ensure healthy eyesight.

Some of the tips that you can follow to ensure this are mentioned below:

  • Try and eat as many fruits as possible on a daily basis. But focus more on the fruits that are high on antioxidants such as strawberry and blueberries. Research shows that people who consume fruits are less at risk to have eyesight issues like ARMD. It also reduces the chance of vision loss in old age.
  • Eat as many bilberries as possible. We often call this fruit as blueberries. One can either eat them raw or can make jams, jellies, syrups and other products and include them in their daily meal.
  • The next best option is to include green leafy vegetables in one’s everyday menu. Eat as many leafy vegetables as possible. And don’t forget to include spinach in your meal. It is found that leafy vegetables contain Lutein an important nutrient that plays a significant role in having a proper eye sight.
  • Include Red onions as a part of your diet. It contains quercetin, an antioxidant that is helpful in preventing cataract.
  • Most of us work in front of computer nowadays hence it is essential to blink our eyes often and wash them at regular interval. One should not expose their eyes to the wind blowing out of air conditioners and should close their eyes when dry wind blows. Dry eyes leads to corneal abrasions are very harmful for regular eyesight and can cause serious damage if not treated at the right time.
  • Also make sure that your computer screen is a at a distance of 20 to 24 inches so that you don’t strain your eye muscles
  • It is advisable that besides a healthy diet one should also take necessary multivitamin supplements to retain healthy eyesight. Some of the recommended multivitamin and minerals include vitamins and zinc, vitamin C supplements.
  • Just like our body, an early morning walk is beneficial for our eyes as well. If not everyday go for a walk at least three four days a week. Wondering how this will benefit the eyes. When we go for a walk our eyes locates things at a distance as well as check out the nearby things. This acts as an exercise for our eyes and gives a revitalized feeling.
  • One should eat fish at least twice a week. Fish contains omega-3 fats and their intake may help protect tiny blood vessels of our eyes and helps to prevent clots. Fish and fish oils are excellent sources of vitamins A and D that helps maintain the balance in our eyesight.
  • If you have a reading habit and often burn the midnight lamp to read books then don’t forget to take a break after every 30 mins in order to give adequate rest to the eyes.

The above tips if followed will definitely improve the eye sight condition. But don’t forget to go for regular eye checkups at an interval of every six months. What we eat reflects in our skin type, body health as well as our eye sight. It is time we take care of our Eyes that helps us enjoy the beauty of everything around us.

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