Healthy Meal Plan Recommendations for Weight Loss

You must have heard several times that regular exercise is the key to having well-toned, athletic muscles. This is very true. However, you must watch what you eat as well. Because you’ll never melt off those ugly fat deposits that make your belly, cheeks, and thigh look flabby if, despite your regular exercising, you still take high calorie foods. This mistake shatters most people’s weight loss dreams and stops them from attaining their weight loss goals.

Therefore, it is very important that you follow a healthy meal plan for quick fat loss, as this is the only way to make your regular exercise work for you.

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Important points to note

Reducing your calorie intake should be your main aim of drawing up this healthy meal plan, so that you won’t waste your efforts by building up again the fat you’re trying to get rid of. What could be more frustrating than engaging in regular exercise for weeks and even months, but without any visible results? So, don’t defeat your objective with your own hands!

A healthy meal plan for muscle toning should not deprive you of foods from any class. However, you may be restricted to taking only certain foods from a particular class. For example, if you must take fats at all, avoid the saturated fats like a plague! This is because the latter build up in the body faster and increase the risk of diseases.

Furthermore, note that this article will only suggest those foods that you should include in your muscle-toning healthy meal plan. It is not a meal plan on its own, as it does not state specifically which foods you should take for breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, it will help you select the right foods to include in your plan.

Recommendation 1: Total Calorie Intake

Your ideal daily calorie consumption depends on whether you’re male or female, and on your current weight. For males, it is 41 calories per kilogram of body weight, while it is 37 calories per kilogram of weight for females.

So, if you’re male, and you weigh 70kg for instance, your total daily calorie consumption must not exceed 2590 (70 x 37) calories. Now, calculate the same for yourself using your current body weight.

Recommendation 2: Meal Frequency

Sometimes, to achieve great goals, you must break some rules. To achieve your fat loss goals quickly, you must draw up a healthy meal plan, which should comprise more than three daily meals. Take small meals every 3-4 hours, as this will help you lose fat quickly, for the reasons listed below:

  • Your body metabolism is constantly kept at an optimal level, resulting in quicker expenditure of stored fat.
  • Your body sugar level is kept minimal. So, there’s no excess to be stored as calories.
  • You’re constantly supplied with bursts of energy for activity. Therefore, as your body metabolism melts off excess fat, your physical activities do the same.
  • The energy you gain is just what you need, nothing more! You’ll only have more stored as excess when you take meals of larger calorie values than your body needs at once.

Now, can you see reasons why you should jettison the conventional 3-meals-a-day rule (at least for now)? Rather, divide your total daily calorie intake value into 6 (you should take at least six meals daily). The value you get is the amount of calories you’re to take per meal.

So, for a man who weighs 70 kg, he must not take more than 432 (2590 / 6) calories per meal. Now, do your own calculation to know how many calories you’re to take per meal.

So far, we’ve covered two important recommendations. The continuation article, discusses each class of food, the best food choices from it, and the ideal intake amounts of each suggested food. You’ll also get to know why they’re the best choices.

So, to know which carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other foods can help you have a toned body quickly, click here to read the continuation of this article.

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