12 Ways to Get Bigger Boobs/ Breasts Naturally

Would you love to have beautiful and attractive breast curves?

I bet you do.

Having bigger boobs a confidence booster and a great symbol of feminism.

Most ladies would love to get bigger boobs but are often scared of undergoing surgery to have this done. This is probably due to the multiple risks associated with such a procedure.

Drugs and creams are also available that can make your breasts bigger, but those also come with their side effects.

Getting your breasts size to increase naturally, is the safest way to have bigger boobs.

Let’s take a look at these 12 proven ways to get bigger breasts naturally.

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1. Diet Improvement

Taking phytoestrogens or foods rich in estrogen (a hormone responsible for development of feminine features) is a great way to increase your breast size.

Examples of such include vegetables, soy products, nuts, oil seeds, fruits and grains. An improved and balanced diet will help you gain a bit of weight and consequently increase your breast size.This is one of the easiest ways to get bigger boobs.

2. Healthy fat consumption

The breasts are predominantly made up of fatty tissue. This implies that the amount of fatty foods you eat plays an important role in the makeup of your breast.

A low fat diet can lead to low body weight and consequently smaller breasts too. An increased consumption of healthy fat can help you increase the size of your boobs as well as your general body size.

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3. Push Ups

The breast lies above the pectoralis major muscle and can be strengthened by exercise which will also make your boobs bigger.

There are specifically two kinds of push up suitable for this purpose. These include the general push up, a modified push up and the medicine ball bush up, which helps to increase the blood circulation to your breasts and also prevent energy blockage.

A regular practice of push-ups will help you increase your breast size naturally.

4. Dumbbell Chest Press

This form of exercise requires you to lie back either on a flat bench or Swiss ball. You will then lift a bit of weight (you can use a dumbbell) with each hand raising your hands with elbows bent, up and down.

This exercise also helps to strengthen the pectoralis major muscle to make it firm, which in turn increases the size of your breasts.

5. Rear Lateral Raise

This is yet another form of exercise that involves bending over from your waist and slightly bending your knees.

Stretch out your arms wide apart while in that position and lift up two dumbbells or a bit of weight. Bring together your outstretched arms and repeat the process for a number of rounds.

The aim here is also to make the chest muscles firm and to increase your boobs.

6. Breast Massage

This is an old technique that involves placing your palm on each breast and then moving it in a clock wise direction while gently massaging your breasts. This should be done for at least ten minutes on a daily basis. You should start noticing an increase in the size of your breasts in as little as two weeks.

Essential oils such as olive oil or virgin coconut oil can be applied on your breasts to ease the movement of your hands during the massage. This is one simple, yet very effective tip for those yearning to know how to get bigger boobs.

7. Natural Oils and Herbs

There are naturopathic oils and herbs which can be applied topically to increase the size of your breasts. These oils and herbs should therefore be used consistently over a period of time to achieve the desired result.

You can however consult a physician before using any if you have doubts. Example of herbs include saw palmetto, fennel, kava, wild yams, chaste tree berry, black cohosh and fenugreek.

8. Y-Raise

This is another form of exercise for increasing your breast size naturally. To perform this exercise, you need to stand straight with your legs apart. Next you will hold a dumbbell out in front of you, one in each hand.

Raise your arms up yet slightly apart in a Y-shaped position above your head while keeping your core firm. Return back slowly to your previous position and repeat the exercise about twenty times for three to five times weekly.

9. The Renegade Row

This exercise involves using a dumbbell. You will need to get into the push-up position while keeping your arms straight. Lift up one dumbbell at a time towards your chest keeping your under your body. Lower the dumbbell back to the ground and repeat the exercise up to five times in a week for faster results.

10. House Hold Chores

Funny as it might sound, carrying out your house hold chores manually instead of using machines helps to increase your arm movement. This in turn makes your upper chest firm and increases the size of your breasts.

This method is particularly suitable for those who do not have time for exercise but can take advantage of getting house chores done manually.

11. Wall Press

This simple exercise involves you standing at arm’s length while facing a wall. You will then place your palms on the wall and push against the wall without bending your elbow. Take a little break and repeat again severally for about twenty times both in the mornings and evening to get faster results.

12. Swinging Arms

In order to perform this breast enlargement exercise, you will be required to stand straight and place your arms by your side. Swing your arm up wards in a clockwise direction and do the same for the second arm while maintaining your position.

Take short breaks in between and repeat it for fifteen counts. You should however interchange the arm movement to be clockwise for the first swing then antilock wise for the second swing, after taking the short rest.

All these methods are popularly explored as ways to make your boobs bigger naturally, without any medication or surgery.

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