How to Increase Breast Size Naturally (At Home)

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The female body has always been a thing of pride for ladies.

One of the most important enhancers of a lady’s look is the size of her breasts.

A lot of ladies often secretly wish that they had bigger breasts because it will make them appear more appealing and sexy.

The major problems with the readily available ways to get bigger boobs is the side effect and risk involved.

This leaves ladies wondering on the best ways and tips to increase breast size naturally.

There are three notable ways that explains how to increase breast size naturally.

Let us discuss how to increase breast size at home using natural processes.

increase breast size bigger boobs


The essence of carrying out breast enlargement exercise is to improve the energy flow and blood circulation to the breasts. To achieve this there is need to work on the chest muscles to make them more firm.

The breasts are located directly beneath a muscle known as the Pectoralis Major. This muscle if kept firm, will help to make your breasts grow larger.

The different forms of exercises available are as follows:

how to increase breast size exercise

1. General or modified push-ups

This form of exercise involves you lying on a flat surface, then you lift yourself up on both arms and lower yourself gently again. This process is then repeated consistently for some weeks to achieve the desired result.

2. Rear lateral raise

This is a form of exercise that can be done easily at home. You will bend forward from your waist and stretch out your arms and lower them gently. This step is repeated severally for some minutes on a daily basis. Your knees should also be slightly bent before you stretch out your arms.

3. The “Y” raise

This is a simple but effective form of exercise to increase breast size. To perform this exercise you will need to stand straight then raise both hands slightly upwards to form a “Y” shape. The essence is to work on the chest muscles for better blood circulation and larger breast size.

4. Chair lift

This type of exercise can be performed at home using a chair. Back up on a stable chair with your feet placed slightly in front of your knees. Next bend with your arms while resting on the armrest of the chair. Then lower your torso and slowly lift you’re your back. This should be repeated regularly, up to ten times in a day.


The nutritional constituent of what you eat has an effect on the size of your breasts. A healthy diet is thus important for you to have big sized boobs. The minute essential nutrients are a part of the building block of the entire body.

how to increase breast size naturally diet

Below is how diet can affect the size of your breasts:

1. Balanced diet

Eating a well prepared and balanced diet is key to a healthy body. With a healthy body all the hormones will be in top shape and will be able to carry out their functions optimally. A balanced diet will also mean that the female hormone called estrogen is adequate for the breast development and size. However, if your diet is not balanced, you might be lacking some essential nutrients that is needed to synthesize estrogen.

If you wish to grow your breasts, eating a healthy and balanced diet is the first step diet wise to make it happen.

2. Healthy fat consumption

The breasts are naturally composed of fatty tissue. This means that you should consume healthy fat as a part of your diet to be able to grow your breasts. The ideal kind of fat you should consume is the monounsaturated fat, which is also safe for your heart and does not form deposits that will clog your blood vessels.

Also, if you consume low fat there is a tendency that you will have a generally low body weight which corresponds with your breast size. Adequate consumption of healthy fat is therefore important for growing your breasts.

3. Consuming food rich in phytoestrogen

Estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for the development of the female features which includes the breasts. Adjusting your diet to contain foods that are rich in estrogen or that stimulates the production of estrogen will go a long way to help you increase your breast size. Example of such foods include soy products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, oil seeds, and grains.

Food items are also available that can enhance the growth of your breasts these are:

  • Radishes which improves the blood flow to local tissues surrounding the breasts and also has astringent properties. Consuming it regularly will increase the size of your breasts.
  • Banana is a fruit rich in magnesium and potassium with muscle relaxing properties and can also increase the size of your breasts. However the best kind to eat is the fibrous ripe banana instead of fleshy type.
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, cottage cheese and yogurt are rich in fat and can help increase the size of your breasts.
  • Homemade smoothies also help to increase the muscle density surrounding the breast, waist and thigh areas. You can grind ½ tablespoon of flaxseed powder, ½ cup of low-fat plain yoghurt, 1 sliced and peeled kiwi fruit, 1 cup of grapefruit, 3or 4Strawberries, 1 peeled and sliced orange ½ peeled and sliced cucumber in a blender and drink daily.

Natural Oils and Herbs

There are natural herbs and essential oils that have been know over time to increase the size of your breast. Consistent consumption of these will help you increase the size of your boobs.

Natural oils contain necessary micronutrients needed for breast and general body development.

  1. Fennel seed is a form of flavor that can be added to your food before eating. It can also be included in your salad for increasing your boob.
  2. Wild yam is food rich in phytonutrients which increases the level of estrogen produced and subsequently increasing the size of your breasts.
  3. Fenugreek is a herb that cools down the body and slows fat metabolism around the breasts and also promotes the growth of breasts by the action of a substance called diosgenin.
  4. Dandelion root can be taken as tea and produces fast result within days. The tea should be taken without milk or sugar to prevent additional fat deposits in other parts of the body.
  5. Red cloves has strong phytoestrogen property and stimulates the growth of breasts in females. It can be boiled in water and taken as tea on a daily basis.
  6. Wheat germ oil increases the blood flow to the breasts when applied topically. After application you should massage the oil into your breasts for about 15 minutes.
  7. Saw palmetto is a form of herb that augments the growth the breasts when consumed on a daily basis.
  8. Pueraria mirifica is a plant extract that has breast enlargement properties as well as skin tone improvement and hair growth.
  9. Watercress leaf contains vitamin E which is an essential component for breast development.
  10. Marshmallow root can be consumed as herb and it has the ability to increase the size of the female breast.
  11. Blessed thistle triggers the production of estrogen and also increases blood flow around the breasts to increase growth of your boobs.
  12. Dong quai regulates the production of estrogen to naturally increase the size of your breasts.

Breast Massage

By simply massaging your breasts you can get them to grow fuller and also increase the growth of the breast tissues. However, the massage must be done using the right technique.

Your palm should be placed on your breast with your palm spread wide over the entire breast. The nipple and areolar should be included to stimulate the production of prolactin and as well as the stimulation of breast tissues.

Massaging the breasts stimulates blood flow and improves the delivery of natural hormones like oestrogen from the diet you consume to be delivered more effectively to the breasts.

Massaging the breasts stimulates the receptors in the breast tissue and responds faster to oestrogen.

Oil such as Ylang-Ylang, olive or almond oils and other substances can be applied topically at home before the massage is done.

Substances that can be used for massage include

  • Olive oil which can be used for massage by applying the oil on your breasts then massaging it in a clockwise direction for about ten minutes then switch anti clockwise and massage for another ten minutes
  • Honey can be mixed with olive oil and applied gently on your breasts before massaging using the technique described above.
  • Sesame oil is great for making the breast muscles firm and it also enlarges the breasts. Warm sesame seed oil can be used for this purpose.
  • Onion mask is readily available and can be prepared at home. Onion juice is mixed honey and tumeric then applied topically as paste on a daily basis. Do not wear tight clothing after you apply the mask to allow proper air circulation.

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