How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness within Yourself

Meditation and exercises are some of the first things that come to mind when looking for ways to achieve inner peace. But before you dip your fit into the waters of these two techniques, here are some things you need to first put in place.

how to achieve inner peace

1. Love yourself

This one seems so simple but hardest option at all. It seems easy doesn’t it to claim that you love yourself? That you are selfish and you always look out for yourself?

But does that mean you love yourself? You could look out for yourself physically while continuously harming yourself mentally. And all it takes is one doubt.

That one doubt will tear you down. Don’t let it. You are not an option for anyone. You are not ugly. You are not dumb. You are not the doubts that cause you to hold back and destroy your peace.

You are what you want to be. You own the key to the cage that you have confined yourself in.

Loving yourself is hard but it is also the very first and a major hurdle for you to cross. I have found that thinking too much about one’s faults is a one-way ticket to the cage we talked about. And finding a way out of it becomes difficult.

So, compliment yourself, if you have to overthink then think about the best in you and the best in other people. This will take you one step closer to the inner peace you seek.

2. Stop caring about others opinions

People will judge you just as you judge them at every turn. Unless you stop doing it yourself and stop caring about their opinions you are are going to be frequently plagued with their thoughts.

And yes, I said their thoughts and not yours because that’s what they are. Your believing what they say about you is even worse than you tearing yourself down.

You are giving them the power to hurt you. Don’t. All it does, is stop you from growing.

3. Read and grow

Reading expands your mind like nothing else. It gives you perspectives. You can be the villain, the hero, a mother, a cancer patient and quite a lot of characters. You get to be in the minds of people you would never meet in real life, never have the opportunity to talk with.

Discovering new things and being able to accept new realities makes you more adaptable to real life. A life in which you have to change constantly otherwise be left behind.

Reading helps you quiet all the noises in your head and it gives you something else to think about. If you want to be addicted to something be addicted to books which can teach you so much.

4. Don’t feed your guilt

Feeding our guilt is one of the biggest obstructions in the way of achieving inner peace.

Being guilty of things is not a crime. But having it as a constant companion is unhealthy.

How do you make your decisions? Do you look before you leap or do you just take a leap without thinking?

Taking your time and then coming to a decision regarding anything is always wise. As it gives you times to consider all the obstacles in the course of your journey and you can also figure out what to do if that obstacle leads to your failure. This will ensure that nothing keeps you down.

So, when you do take a decision make sure you can live with it. Don’t feel guilty about it afterward. It doesn’t change a thing.

Guilt should only be associated with mistakes. That’s how aware you have to be about yourself.

Many of you might understand this and still be able to do anything about it. Here’s a question for you?

Does your guilt do anything but hinder you from rectifying your mistakes?

Don’t wallow in your guilt. It won’t help you achieve what you want.

5. Get off your ass and stop procrastinating

Our incomplete dreams and goals are another reason that we always have so much to think about. And just thinking about it doesn’t help.

An idea is completely useless until and unless someone converts it into an actual real-life project that works and has a benefit.

These incomplete dreams lead to a discontent in our mind and that further leads to disappointment and self-flagellation which is at a distant far away from inner peace.

In order to cover that distance and reach the much desired inner peace, you have to stop being lazy and getting off your ass and working on your dreams is a really good way to go.

6. Less complaints, more gratitude

Complaints lead to more discontentment and mess with your minds even more. Complains about things you might not even need.

Gratitude, on the other hand, brings you smiles from your family, other people as well as yourself.

We have been gifted with so many things in our life and yet we hunger for more.

Be satisfied with what you have and if you don’t think that’s enough then have the mettle to work for what you need in your life because complaining will get you nowhere.

So, what would you choose? Would you choose to complain or show gratitude for all you have?

7. Don’t overthink

Ironic, isn’t it? The article is for all the overthinkers out there who have been rendered helpless or at least they feel they have been rendered helpless.

But it’s all in your mind. True not all of us can have the talent to sing or dance but each and every one of us has a forte and for us to find it, we have to believe in ourselves and alas we have stopped doing so.

All we can think about is not being able to do anything about our shortcomings and in our mind the list of these shortcomings is endless.

  • Distractions:

Usually, when we have a goal in mind we stay away from distractions that unnecessarily take your time. But with overthinking, distractions can be a cure. Distract yourself from the negativity that these thoughts lead to. Listen to songs, dance, read, do what makes you happy.

  • Timing yourself:

Overthinking usually leads to negativity and doing so 24/7 is a universe away from inner peace.

So, yeah. If you have to overthink why not time it like you do with your exercises. Consider it an exercise as well.

Take an hour or two where you give yourself permission to overthink. This way you won’t let your thoughts rule you and you’ll be the one in charge.

You will have the control and after you complete those hours you can use the distractions to keep the thoughts away.

  • Future is never set in stone:

It’s constantly changing with the decisions we make. So, yes, if you decide to think that you are nothing then that is what you shall become.

Because that is the choice you make and then continue to make choices that lead you to the same “nothing”.

But if you decide that you are not limited and you can overcome your fear or shortcomings and then you chose to do something about it and therefore you win.

8. Constant motivation

This is a necessary tool required to get rid of all the irritating and gloomy thoughts we have.

Have a phone? Set up a wallpaper that motivates you. Have a good internet connection? Find a good motivator online and look at at least one of his/her videos daily.

With overthinkers forgetting is easy. Because we tend to think about so many things that many a time we forget the important. So, have a constant reminder in your vicinity about why you need to achieve your goals.

We have all known about these points and talked about it with ourselves as well. But the difference is that we understand these points but we don’t realize them.

Understanding how something works doesn’t give you the ability to realize it. Just reading these points won’t make much of a difference as long as you don’t take measures to heal yourself from all the emotional injuries caused to you and by you.

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